The Great Leap Forward


stripe schema
v .01

Here is an ERD diagram of 2 important STRIPE tables that jumped out as being of immediate interest.

There are approximately 50 tables in the SIGMA SQL interface (I don’t know how these map to actual tables on Stripe’s production backend). I’m definitely not going to dupe them all.

Finding the table that represents the master Stripe Account (where store owner funds are deposited before transfer) is next.  This will give me a readout of the balance-to-date in Stripe.

Just as a reminder, I am primarily interested in capturing relevant data about money flows of a WooCommerce account over time,  That’s it.  No need to get bogged down in extraneous Stripe detail.

A StoreBoss owner would typically be interested in the following questions:

How much money is in my Stripe account right now?

How much of it is available to me? (ie, net of any holds by Stripe on my money?)

How fast is Stripe transferring the money to my bank?

What is Stripe charging me for this service?

Is Stripe dropping any sales transactions that I made through WooCommerce or getting any sales amounts wrong or miscalculated batch amounts?

What about refunds/chargebacks?

Once I have the tables that can help provide answers to these questions set up in my StoreBoss XAMPP dev env, I’ll start to look at the query templates that Stripe has made available and maybe translate these too in SQLite speak.

I am not going to spend any time customizing the canned Sigma queries, as I have made the decision that StoreBoss is going directly retrieve data via the Stripe REST API.

Doing so would allow me to load the data off Stripe without Sigma’s 2 or 3-day delay (and save the end user the $40/mo). Eventually, I’m going to have to do the same with Bank info.

I’ve changed my mind about integrating these sources of data on the desktop.

Companies like Leapfin already do similar sort of things on the cloud.

Leapfin, of course, is targeted at large companies, with beaucoup dollars — leaving typically thrifty Woo retailers who also need automated Cash Reconciliation functionality somewhere out to the left of Siberia.

So if I can develop a WP plug-in that does a decent job of transaction matching and offers some flashy temporal analytics, then I think StoreBoss might be of some interest to the Woo customer base.

And even if not, I will still use it for my own Woo e-commerce store, and save myself a lot of tedious checking every month for the state taxes, and at year’s end when it’s time for the Federal.