Hard#core Woo

I attended part of the WooCommerce Community monthly slack today.  First time for me.  Attendees seemed quite knowledgeable.  Mix of (apparently really flush) store owners and highly-experienced consultants and WC dev representation was there too.  There was no formal agenda but the idea seemed to be to talk about the next release of WC.

After some talk about small, focused, and frequent releases going forward, the conversation soon turned to flat file custom tables and the Orders and Products flat file plug-ins (they are on Git, I added them to my list of links that you can find on the menu).

There was concern re these plugins that (1) bugs were not being fixed and (2) would they still work if Core changed.  Everyone comes from a different POV; mine happens to be a DB one.  I asked a couple of questions, but they were not answered — except for my first one, which was, did WC plan on releasing any Admin Panel-facing Gutenberg blocks?

One of the developers answered “no,” but added that he was not exactly sure what I meant.  Well, I am not sure why that was unclear, but I let it go.  Later, I emailed the moderator a list of questions: (answers in italics)

1.  Assuming by “flat” files you guys mean denormalized tables, is the intent to have a separate DSS env for WOO? (we can ignore for now the issue that the WP/WOO schema is not in any sense 3NF). UPDATE: YES
2.  If yes, is the intent to have it be able to live in a separate database, but on the same server? UPDATE: WP does this already  / unclear how….
3. Is there any long term intent to allow for things like application-level sharding in a distributed DSS/OLTP env? UPDATE: No
4.  When the Woo team develops a new release, do they test against both Maria and MySQL?  If so, do they test against the latest versions of each? Are such test results made public? UPDATE: Yes, they will look into making public
5. If separate OLT/DSS (or custom tables, to use WP terminology) env are contemplated. have any stress tests been made to see if DB triggers would work (despite the overhead) within acceptable performance goals to keep the two envs in sync in real-time? Again, is there any documentation as to same? UPDATE: NO, but looking into it
6. Finally, with maria 10.3+ deploying temporal data capability, is there any intent to support that sort of functionality in Woo going forward. UPDATE:  NO