The TransEvents Table

storeboss table

Much of the ensuing discussion will be about this table.  Please click here to see its the early beta version its DDL and load file DML.

There will be significant changes to this data object in the weeks ahead.  Stayed tuned for more info, as I further progress in the development of StoreBoss.

Please note that I am targeting MySQL on the Server, which means that much of the advanced temporal discussion on this blog will not apply directly to StoreBoss.

Also, most hosting providers do not allow users to save SQL output to a custom file location — unless they are paying for some super expensive plan.  With this in mind, I’m developing StoreBoss as a WP plugin that populates data to this (and perhaps other) custom tables. I will try to do most if not all of the data prep using SQL, given that the row counts are likely to be small enough that StoreBoss will not significantly impact production.

The data it contains could be downloaded, if necessary, for further processing by an end-user.