How I turned into a snake in the grass

Python in the grass

I’ve spent the last month coding in Florida, where the “local” Burmese python population is apparently exploding.

I was putting together an app that used PHP, HTML, CSS, some JS, and a custom SVG ico.  It currently runs on a desktop Xampp server configuration, with MariaDB 10.3 as the storage engine.

Initially, I thought I would eventually turn this application in a WP plug-in, but have since changed my mind.  The more I got my hands dirty with PHP and Maria, the less enthusiasitic I became about this whole plug-in idea.

Instead, I realized that my app would best be implemented  as a series of “widgets” written in Python, with SQLite as the data store, and PYSimpleGUI on the front end.

Going Xampp was hardly a waste of time though.  But rather than have my Data Analysis/DSS app hit the WP DB in real time, I’ll create a simple WP helper plugin that downloads the STRIPE and Woo Order info that’s needed by my app .  Instead of using plain old CSV, I’m thinking of implementing a micromodel download, as described here. Not sure yet how this would work, but the concept of dowloading relations (in a Coddian sense) instead of data cell arrays sounds far more appealing.

Using DB Browser for now, to look at my test data, and play around with SQLite, until I learn Python well enough to write the actual app.

SQLite seems perfect for my application, which is meant to be used by a single user  — whom I envision to be a non technical business owner running a small online and/or brick-and-mortar shop.

Since the app deals with sensitive financial data, it’s actually best — from a peace of mind standpoint — for the data to live securely where no one (presumably) can get at it but its one legitimate user — the store owner who is looking at store cash flow information.

What a relief not to have to write the contorted sanitizing code in order to deal with SQL injections and other annoyances!

However, I still have to look into the RCE vulnerability in SQLite that was identified earlier this year.

So far, though, SQLite seems to be lightning fast, espeically given the small test sample I am using (around 400 rows).  There are peculiaritiies in syntax that I have to study; a good primer on this topic can be found here.  Another peculiarity is that atypical code of conduct manifesto that made the news recently; and that is all I will say about that!

My work is cut out for me.  I have to simultaneously learn Python 3.7, PYSimple, and how to use GitLab — not to mention figure out the algorithms for my app.

I hope to resurface in Pythonesque mode in a month or two or three.

What’s the rush?