Web Summit Wrap Up

tavira station
Me,, behind a statue a Tavira station in the Algarve, a few weeks ago

I left Portugal too soon to make the Web Summit in Lisbon this year.  Last day today.  Here’s a vid of the action.

Okay, so what’s new?

Before leaving for my long trip to the land of the Moors, I was going to write a series of DB tutorials (from a data modeling perspective) on how the WP schema works.

Instead, I went to the Algarve to chill with my wife and see a cousin from the UK that I have not seen in many a moon.

Lots of digital nomads moving to Lisbon.  Might be a good place for a startup. Portugal is really cool, very tolerant place, none of this gun-loving, macho nationalistic stuff — basically, it’s a laid back country, and a lot of startups are happening there… lots of tech talent in the area too, and you can hire them cheaper than in, say, Berlin, or Amsterdam or Paris.

My wife is had already added to her business line: cork imports that she is turning into needlepoint belts.

Meanwhile I recently had this idea for a simple woo product plug in, cause the native woo products table schema was so slow due to his grossly inefficient (but flexible!) “meta” table way of doing things,

To a 3NF relational DB purist like myself, their schema was not beyond inelegant:  in effect, it was grotesque, when you looked at the type of SQL statements you had to write to retrieve simple product row..

But then it turned out the Woo had the same idea, and are now preparing to release what they are calling Custom Product tables, which they claim are normalized.  I think it’ll be out in Jan or Feb, officially.

I’ll take a look at it in Github, and maybe work up some db-centric article that I might submit to Smashing mag.

In the meantime my idea for the plugin expanded, so now that I am back in FLA, I’m going to the next WP ecommerce plugin shootout meetup in West Palm next week.

I have no idea what the skillset mix there is:  are they woo end users, developers,  or a little bit of both? Judging by who is going (so far), they seem to be mainly end users.

Ve shall zee.

Meanwhile, if anyone has already checked out the new custom tables on github, I would love to know what you think.


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